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Key West Golf Cart Safety Tips

Updated: Mar 18

Are you planning a trip to Key West, Florida? You can get around Key West with a golf cart. The golf cart is more flexible than a passenger vehicle, takes up less room, and can go places that cars or trucks are unable to. You'll still need to be aware of a few safety tips if you want to enjoy your golf cart rental in paradise.

1. Be aware of the speed limit

This tip is not so much to prevent you from speeding but rather to protect you against vehicles that can go much faster than your cart. Golf carts are limited in their top speeds, so you should stay away from roads that have speed limits above 35 miles per hour. Most of the streets in Key West allow golf carts.

2. Don't drink and drive

We're saying it anyway. Even if you're driving a golf cart, don't drink alcohol and drive. You and others are at risk. If you want to shop and eat, then you can take your golf cart there. But if you plan to drink more than two drinks, you should make other travel arrangements.

Golf Cart

3. Buckle up

Seat belts are included in your golf cart. Use seat belts. It's not only the law but also common sense. This is also a good defense if you get into an accident, run off the highway, or come across another obstacle.

4. Do You Have a License to Drive at Night?

Key West's entertainment doesn't end when the sun sets. It gets even hotter. If you plan to drive your golf cart at night, make sure it is legal for you to do so. It must be equipped with working headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and windshield. You cannot drive your vehicle on Key West roads at night if it is missing these features.

5. Plan Ahead And Know The Busy Areas

You're likely to be in Key West at the height of the travel season. You'll have to share the road with many other vehicles, both golf carts and passenger cars. Avoid areas where traffic is likely to be heavy. You will not only save time and frustration by planning ahead, but you may also avoid an accident.


Golf Cart

Exploring Key West via a golf cart can be a delightful and convenient experience, but safety should always remain a top priority. By adhering to the provided safety tips, such as being mindful of speed limits, refraining from alcohol consumption while driving, using seat belts, ensuring proper equipment for nighttime driving, and planning routes wisely, travelers can enjoy their journey through Key West with peace of mind. At The Key Rides, we are committed to providing you with well-maintained golf carts and essential safety information to enhance your trip's safety and enjoyment. So, buckle up, follow the rules of the road, and embark on your Key West adventure with confidence.

The Key Rides Helps You Enjoy Your Trip Safely

We offer the best golf cart rental services in Key West at The Key Rides. All of our golf carts have been updated to comply with the latest road regulations, allowing you to drive safely at any time. We will also provide you with important information to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Browse our Golf Cart Rentals here!

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